We lease and locate vehicles. Have a look at our inventory and services further down below this website.


Market leading services with a boutique feel

Chances are you’ve already heard about our inventory and services. We happen to be a familiar face to market leading automotive companies in America.

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There's a new kid in town

And leasing and locating vehicles is his game. Metro Leasing Co strives for impact, quality and service. We go the extra mile and are unaffraid to be the first to try out the newest innovations.


Metro Leasing Co supplies the newest sports cars, one of a kind classics and the oldest oldtimers. Please note that this website is currently under construction. Have a look below at a small selection of our available stock.


We lease and locate vehicles. And even though Metro Leasing Co is a young company, it’s run by experienced professionals with thorough market know-how.

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Metro Leasing Co.
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